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Kirtlan Lewis Verified Buyer
Such an awesome sampler!! This set really exceeded expectations. Especially for the price. The packaging is super well done, every cigar is a banger and it’s just down right fun to get into! This is a must-try if you’re a fan of Diesel Cigars.

Not my favorite from this set but still a good smoke!

Just like all the others in this sampler it’s a great smoke. Tied with the Bohemian Twins taste wise but not quite as strong. The wrapper cracked a little near the bottom after I lit it but that’s my only complaint. I’m loving it!

Another great smoke from the Sideshow sampler. Not as good as the Bohemian Twins but still delicious.

This whole sampler is awesome so far and the Two-Headed Nightingale is no exception. If you like Diesel cigars you definitely need to give this pack a try.

Smoked these two sticks separately over two nights. Was a great smoke as the last from this novelty Sampler. I'll definately pick up another soon.

Great barber pole torpedo. Wish I had more of these. Mild to medium body.

Great long smoke. Not very strong. Medium body. Great smoke output. Another good stick from the Sideshow sampler.

Another great smoke. Double V cut it and the draw was alot to handle.

6 x 46 with a "shaggy" foot. Not as much flavor as the others in this set. The shaggy foot (beard) did not taste very good at all but it changed when that was gone. Still a good smoke, just not as complex as the others.

Another great smoke from this novelty box set. Great consistent flavor all the way through. Sweet and creamy. Wish they sold these separately.