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Kirtlan Lewis Verified Buyer
Incredible sampler for the price. Every cigar in this set is delicious. I will definitely be purchasing again soon!

Great cigar all the way around.

Was distracted because of the hard draw and tight role. My wife’s was a whole different cigar but the one I smoked was ok.

This stick lacks complexity. I could still enjoy it. It’s an absolutely personal taste thing but I find cigars more enjoyable with fruit notes, floral, vegetal, etc. This one punches with spice and cedar. Bit of molasses-like sweetness. If that’s your jam, you’ll love it! Burned just a touch unevenly for me. But good looking and great draw.

Uncomplicated cigar that is on the stronger side. Mainly dark flavors that want a good pairing. Alone it is a bit boring.

This is a great cigar that was not ready to smoke...still to wet, to early, not enough not judge this cigar by this rating

Nice chocolate stick. The last third is stronger and stronger… too strong for me

Decent medium cigar with a flavor that isn’t overly complex. Would come back to this one again. Paired well with the Woodford Double Oak for an easy, enjoyable Friday afternoon smoke

Afternoon smoke. Top 3 cigars to date. Reminded me of Placencia Alma de Campo. Rich, Sweet, Full flavor. Lit well, burned even and did not require any relights. Draw was a little tighter than I prefer.

Really great cigar. Medium bodied, with sweet notes. Savory and lightly chocolate. I highly enjoyed this blend. Draw was medium firm.

Humidity of smoke time was right at 65%, initial light nice aroma, little bit of spice and chocolate. Definitely would keep this as a regular in my humidor..