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Kirtlan Lewis Verified Buyer
Incredible sampler for the price. Can't get enough of these La Barba sticks!!

Not a fan at all. Really bitter and burn was horrible. I could keep it lit. It sat in the humidor (69%) with everything else I have. Not sure what the deal was. Didn't even make it through the first third before tossing.

First third of this is very earthy with cedar and a little pepper. Second third has a bitter dark chocolate with pepper flavor. Last third has a leather with heavier pepper still very earthy with an almost a hint of hay. Pleasant smoke as most Caldwell cigars are.

Another great one from the La Barba sampler! Perfect smoke to enjoy while grilling.

Yet another incredible experience from La Barba. Fantastic smoke. Can't wait to try the rest in the sampler.

Burned a little hot but really good all around

Mellow, light bodied, good draw, somewhat uneven burn. Light chocolate notes.

Decent smoke but nothing memorable. Would be happy with these as a gift but I don't think I would go out and buy a box.